Registering a Domain That is Cool .AF

A few weeks ago, inspiration struck. Those prone to the entrepreneurship bug know the feeling: a space in the market becomes apparent, you figure out how to fill it, and your mind starts running. Before long, you’re at your domain registrar of choice sniffing around for a domain (and brand-to-be) to match the idea.

During this particular session, I sought a domain for a site that will sell 4K webcams. Most built-in cameras, even on a higher-end device like a MacBook Pro, suck. And most webcams in this category fall around $200. Everyone’s video chatting and streaming. I felt there was an opportunity for an affordable, quality 4K webcam.

I struggled to find a good .com. I tinkered with other top-level domains (TLD), like .shop and .webcam. Nothing captured the spirit of a fun consumer brand.

Then I remembered reading about the .AF TLD. Bingo.

I ended up with CLEAR.AF. Stoked about that. (I haven’t pursued the project — probably won’t at this point — but how sweet is that domain?)

It wasn’t easy — the .AF TLD wasn’t available at my preferred registrar, nor any of the major American competitors like GoDaddy, Uniregistry,, or NameCheap. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time — AF is a fun acronym that unlocks a bunch of cheeky brand and marketing opportunities. This is not what the governing agencies had in mind when they awarded the .AF TLD for Afghanistan (like India and .IN and the United Kingdom and .UK). Officially, its intended use for .AF is for entities connected with Afghanistan. But here we are.

Pricing for .AF domains is all over the place — I saw prices between $139 and $549 before finding the winner: you can register .AF domains at Netim for $75.50.

And yeah, Netim’s tools are a little clunky but they’re secure, the dashboard works, and their support is responsive. And, most importantly, they’re about to give you your next great domain.



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